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Nov 22, 2012 2:00pm EST
the world of computing and the internet. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and paul allen, microsoft's cofounder. we begin with mark zuckerberg and facebook. if you have a facebook account, you've probably reconnected with an old pal, shared photos with your family, and gotten advice from your friends on what to buy and what to read. but facebook has bigger plans. it wants to turn the entire web into one big social network. lesley stahl first talked with mark zuckerberg in 2008, and three years later, we sat down with mark again. he gave us a preview of his site's new profile page, a change that would affect the 500 million people who were then using facebook, an idea that zuckerberg had cooked up in his dorm room at harvard. >> when you first thought about this--19 years old--is this what you had in mind? did you see this far into the future, or is it way beyond what you dreamed? >> well, it's funny. i mean, when i was getting started, you know, with my roommates in college, you never think that you could build this company or anything like that, right? because, i mean--it just--and we were col
Nov 21, 2012 11:00pm PST
for the "new yorker" magazine talks about apple, facebook, amazon and google. >> as the world moves to smart phones and away from desktops and people access social networks like facebook on their mobile devices, will he will able to monetize it? will he be able to create ads? you can't do a display ad, take up the whole screen. you can't interrupt a phone call or an e-mail message. so what is the form of advertising that you will have for facebook that will allow them to generate income? that is a big question that looms out there. >> rose: also a conversation this evening that i moderated in early october between marc andreessen and sheryl sandberg, the chief operating officer of facebook. >> i think there's a bigger opportunity. i think -- i mean, one way of looking at the question is how do you go from desktop to mobile how do you adapt. i think there's a different question that i think about a lot. there are going to be opportunities in mobile that have never exted before and it will take time to diover what they are. but for the first time with smart phones we're going to have a compute
Nov 24, 2012 7:00pm EST
of facebook. he is an engineer who advises mark zuckerberg in talks about developments on the social media join friends and website. watch tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, here on c-span. >> this week, the president of the service employees international union talks about what unions are looking for in the debt and budget negotiations and the kinds of ads we might see. you can see it tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and again at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> paul rothstein is a law professor and an here is to talk to us about petitions to secede filed in every state, citizens have signed to secede from the united states, many of which side to the declaration of independence or the size of government. professor rothstein, welcome to the program. are you surprised by all of these petitions coming from across the country? is this a new phenomenon? guest: during my lifetime there have been several, near every time people get upset with an issue, there is a movement on the part of some people to get to their state to secede. host: what is it that is driving this movement this time around? guest: dissatisf
Nov 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
's been called the toddler ceo, the boy wonder who created facebook. you're not a harvard alum. >> that's true. we don't have a setting for dropout, so... >> what's the difference in $5 billion and $100 billion? i know it's $95 billion. >> a lot of cheeseburgers. let me tell you. >> welcome to 60 minutes on cnbc. i'm lesley stahl. the information technology revolution changes our world on a daily basis, but one thing that doesn't change is our fascination with the so-called nerds who not only transformed society but became billionaires in the process. this edition features a trio of these tech titans: bill gates, the man who created the world's most valuable software company, microsoft; mark zuckerberg, the young, geeky computer programmer behind the internet phenomenon facebook; and sergey brin, the cofounder of google. we'll begin with brin. has there ever been a brand name like google? in less than five years, it went from an idea to a global verb, as in, "i googled this," or, "i google that," or, "i google you." back in 2006, shortly after the company went public, google opened its
Nov 14, 2012 4:00am PST
the fiscal cliff. zynga's cfo is exiting the social gaming company for a senior level position at facebook. zynga is shaking up the management ranks and is backing its 2012 outlook. petitions to save thanksgiving from black friday shopping are popping up on the internet. employees and their families are among the first to sign on. and aaa predicts the number of americans hitting the road to head home for the holidays will rise slightly this season to 43.6 million. todd horwitz of the adam mesh trading group joins us. how are trading volumes going with so much talk about this fiscal cliff? and are traders finally tired of those two words? > > good morning, and yeah, we are tired of those words. look: the bottom line is this: the market is actually telling you - although the market was down yesterday - it rallied and then broke down - the market itself is telling you that the fiscal cliff is really not that big of an issue here, because we are still up 100% from '09 lows, and we're still up 12% for the year. so all we're looking at is we know that the parties are going to come together arm-i
Nov 25, 2012 9:00am PST
wealth in nearly 100 new companies like facebook and game maker zynga. now he's giving a million dollars to kiva, allowing any new user to lend $25 of hoffman's money to an entrepreneur in the developing world. wired magazine said if facebook's mark zuckerberg represents silicon valley's world conquering hubris, reed hoffman is the more modest, searching soul. joined by becky worley, let's start with kiva. it's your millions but i decide where a little portion of it goes. >> we want to make sure people knew this was a way to empower entrepreneurs around the world. the simple vehicle is to provide a large quantity of money so people can loan my money to an entrepreneur. >> like a sample at costco. give us a shot. if you like it, do it again. >> if you like it. fantastic. >> this is almost exhausted. by the time people see this your money will be exhausted but other people will come in as well. >> one of the ideas is that this is a great new model of philanthropy and people say, for providing a loan which i get the vast majority back i can help entrepreneurs around the world and help other
FOX News
Nov 22, 2012 12:00am PST
discuss with our special brand of rye humor. gobble, gobble, guys. isn't it nice where facebook is so private and you can share photos and comments without consequences ? it is not? we will discuss. and finally, being fat can protect you from depression? well, what is protecting me? my ace in the hole, denial 1k3* repression. -- denial and repression. >> gobble, gobble indeedment i am here with fox business network liz mcdonald. author and screenwriter whose latest book came out earlier this month called "if we survive." bill schulz, he can't stop laughing right now and he thinks all taylor swift songs are about him. and next to me is jim norton. his special "please be offended" is now available on netflix. >>> is he making light of their plight? well, peta sent a let torte white house asking our newly elected president end the practice of pardoning a turkey. they prefer he killed them. actually they say it makes light of the mass slaughter of some 46 million gentle inteligent birds. the letter continues, you understand so well that african-american, women, members of the lgbt communi
Nov 29, 2012 5:00pm EST
, something extra -- for you. >>> welcome back. i'm julia boorstin with breaking news on zynga and facebook. zynga shares plummeting more than 10% after hours on news that zynga, the social game maker, and facebook, the social network, have changed their terms of service substantially. the new terms allow facebook to develop its own games. they also say that facebook does not have to deliver on certain guarantees of growth. the good news for zynga is it won't have to use facebook ad units or facebook's payment system. zynga says this will allow them more flexibility. the truth is that the market thinks this is very bad news for zynga. meanwhile, facebook is trading flat. back to you. >> what's your sense in terms of could facebook buy games from other people now? was there an exclusivity that was the issue before? >> well, up until now, facebook has said it has not been interested in developing its own games. it's really treated zynga as its primary games partner. what's interesting about this change is this follows the fact that zynga games has not been performing well on facebook. faceboo
Nov 15, 2012 3:00am EST
called for facebook to struggle today. with more than 700 million shares of the stock spilling onto the market. but instead of falling the social network had its best day to date. is it finally time to like facebook? stick around to find out. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer. #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to quest? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. [thank you, mr. speaker, uh, live tmembers of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know members it.congress. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newscaster:breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudd
FOX Business
Nov 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
, that not a guy names gror. neil: if you want privacy on facebook, zuck said you are out of luck, zuckerberg is to profit selling your personal information to third party vendors it has lawyers lining up. neil: president obama with another round of meetings with ceo, do not expect much out of it. coming up we are speaking with business owners who have already met with the president, and got no results. who would you like to see meeting at the white house? tell us. we'll get your react at the end of the show. >> facebook proposed new privacy policy can be coming a new public feud, users and consumer wash dogs, slamming zuckerberg for pushing a plan to sell you're private information to third party vendors, is it right in is it fair? regina, your view is what? >> unfair. this is a site that began by connecting people to other people or friends not advertisers to users, people that started on facebook had no clue this information would be used in any other way. their they cannot be said to have implied to agree with what mark zuckerbergments the wants o do. neil: you would sue on behalf of user
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
. this picture was posted on his facebook page last night. it is now the most-liked picture in facebook history with nearly 4 million fans. >> we are 10 1/2 weeks away from inauguration. the stage is being built on the steps of the capital. officials expect up to 800,000 riders on inauguration day. >> wlahat happens when the messages cross the line? some people could wind up with fewer friends on facebook. >> to friend or unfriend, that is the question. a mere 24 hours after the president won a second term. tempers flared, so did the racist remarks on twitter. but on facebook, it's the war of the rants prefaced by comments like if it offends you, remove me. or block me while you still have freedom. but would you dare unfriend? >> i'm probably more of a huge facebook user than i should be. >> at tourist in adams morgan, there's a few dozen people like torey who decided to take the high road -- or rather the unseen one. >> it's a social media pc to unsubscribe rather than defriend. >> i would say so because nobody knows if you unsub skriek. defending is a pretty serious offense. >> trying to be c
Nov 27, 2012 12:00pm PST
and that's phoebe and joey. >> how are you doing? >> don't! >> friendships, they're complicated. facebook tells me i have 2,900 friends and s.e. has way more than that. when i think about how to call in a pinch, the list whittles down quickly. between time pressures and family and distance, people we care about most sometimes get the least attention. luckily our next guest helps us out. everyone gives her book a lot of love. it's called friend keeping. joining us now is julie best seller author and friendship expert. i'll start with the time of year. it's the holiday season. it can be a wonderful, joyous time and also quite stressful and quite straining on friendships in particular. this is like a challenging time for a friendship to navigate? >> i think it's challenging for friendships, it's challenging for people. i think the holidays are a rough time for everybody except my 9-year-old daughter. you know, it's sort of something that you need to be sensitive with your friends about where they are in their lives. people at the holidays tend to think about i'm not with a person i want to b
Nov 20, 2012 8:00pm EST
of facebook. >> the average new facebook user is in india or indonesia or brazil right now. they're using a mobile phone primarily to access facebook because they have not had access to a broad band connection. in a lot of cases there is not an infrastructure media of communications you have in the u.s. and lot of americans will leave me and say facebook is great for gossiping and to see what my friends are in for lunch, but if you were to talk to somebody in the middle east, maybe, you would hear a different story -- facebook was providing access to news, people that had unique access to information that they were not able to get out otherwise. you get a much more meaty story about what facebook means to them. >> facebook engineer chris cox with an insider's view of the company -- thanksgiving day on c-span. at 2:00 -- 2:00, chief justice john roberts. later, space pioneers and nash at -- nasa officials pay amash to the first man to walk on the moon, neil armstrong. >> federer reserve chairman ben bernanke is in washington to negotiate a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal clef. well spea
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
you rise above it all. "am i diversified?" plus, on the up and up? the headlines called for facebook to struggle today. with more than 700 million shares of the stock spilling onto the market. but instead of falling the social network had its best day to date. is it finally time to like facebook? stick around to find out. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer. #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical fu
Nov 14, 2012 9:00am EST
lockup expiration on facebook. 777 million shares online today. how will that open? we'll get the answer after the opening bell in just a moment. number store different? ap you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. you can see a little more pressure in the shoulders and in the hips. ... now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. at sleep number we've created a collection of innovations dedicated to individualizing your comfort. the sleep number collection, designed around the innovative sleep number bed - a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the exact comfort your body needs. each of your bodies. so whatever you feel like, sleep number's going to provide it for you. during the final days of our semi-annual sleep sale, save $500 on our classic series special edition bed set plus special financing on selected beds but hurry
Nov 14, 2012 12:00pm EST
but america's most loved stock. is apple becoming more like the real thing? about face. facebook symptom surges even as millions of shares hit the market. is the expiration of the biggest lock-up your signal to buy? first our top story, locked out. when president obama meets with several of the nation's most influential ceos at the white house today to discuss the fiscal cliff and the economy, not a single banking boss would be in attendance. not jamie dimon, not lloyd blank fine. no one. how is it that wall street has no representation in wall street today when the fiscal cliff is by far the issue that matters most to the markets. >> thanks for inviting me on. >> if the president was looking for a better relationship with wall street this go-round, he has a heck of a way of showing it. >> well, look, everybody's going to get their chance to talk to the president. i actually thought lloyd blankfein's op-ed was conciliatory. he mentioned to being open among financial types to tax increases on high income folks. so, i think that was a good signal. i guarantee you, everybody's going to get
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
, on the up and up? the headlines called for facebook to struggle today. with more than 700 million shares of the stock spilling onto the market. but instead of falling the social network had its best day to date. is it finally time to like facebook? stick around to find out. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer. #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to from 17 billion chips worldwide to a world of super-connected intelligence. the potential of freescale unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. to investing with knowledge. the potential of td ameritrade unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. >>> this is not a friendly market. it's not a particularly fun market. it's certainly not a market that makes you want to buy any
Nov 30, 2012 1:00pm EST
, diversified metals. >> going on facebook. >> buy macy's. >> "power lunch" starts right now. >> announcer: halftime's over. the second half of your trading day begins now. >>> indeed it does. it's not quite printing money but it is pretty darn close. companies dishing out more than $21 billion in special dividends. where are the values or should you just sit tight? >>> finally home prices are starting to rise. it is a sign of recovery, certainly. but already there's a warning out there. could higher prices throw a wrench in one of the key engines of the housing recovery? >>> and a warning as well for motorists from the aaa. stay away from this. it is a new blend of gasoline. find out what the problem is and what's being done to fix it. >>> but there's no problem finding my partner, tyler mathisen. he's down at the new york stock exchange today. hey, ty. >> thank you very much, sue. when you watch these traders watching the politicians, watching themselves on cnbc, it becomes more and more clear that the markets these days are almost being held hostage by every remark and every headline. w
Nov 14, 2012 12:00am PST
kimmel live. >> we go on facebook to find out how fat our exes got. >> christina applegate. >> the audience was always drunk. like, you and you. >> plus music from youngblood hawk. >> you've got robert pattinson running around on holly and kristen stewart in the mix and >> jimmy: i am jimmy kimmel with a word about windows phone 8 from microsoft. the only phone that uses live customizable tiles that allow you to make your phone as unique as you are. to show you more it is time to play "guess that famous character." [ cheers and applause ] and tonight, contestant one, a gentleman we picked from studio audience, jose. where are you from? >> san diego, california. >> jimmy: jose from san diego. and our resident celebrity expert, yehya, ready to do battle, yehya? you know every celebrity there is? >> you know me. >> jimmy: thank you, yehya. the start screen of a famous character's phone. guess who this phone belongs to based on customizable tiles. you will see three tiles. and the first clue is the weather channel app. it says north pole, negative 26 fahrenheit. blizzardy. your
Nov 19, 2012 1:00pm PST
you go to better. you get the app and enter the total number of differences that you find. eventually someone will win $4,000 and sleep better products. to spot the differences head to our website, and click on best of rtm. >>> felix baumgartner the guy who jumped from the edge of space inspired a bunch of people. inspired fat sam to try his own red bull style stunt. here he is on the roof of a house getting ready to do his style of jump. so fat sam puts his helmet on, dons his gloves. your costume was better. >> way better. >> thanks. here he goes. he is going to jump from the edge of this building to an earth model. >> he missed completely. >> right in the tail bone. >> that is a back and soul shattering jump. >> what was he trying to do? was he trying to do a butt bounce off the ball? trying to stand on the ball? >> two vertebrae broken. he spent a week in the hospital and had surgery before he uploaded the video. >> i feel like he would have popped the ball. >> if he did land on the ball and it bounced him somewhere he would have had a
Nov 14, 2012 4:00am PST
the best impis' shied nearly six. . >> it is the biggest block of facebook shares stocks to be freed from so-called lock up restrictions since the ipo. it will nearly double the number of facebook shares available on the market. we will follow the story all morning and bring you updates as they become available. >> the number face profiles on facebook is growing. the networking giants do not like that. the report from the new york times as false profiles and fraudulent likes to get into in danger the the world's largest social network. the man in charge of facebook securities says the new automated system is now in place to purge fake likes. >> the finance chief for zi nga. david and wanker is leaving. he will take a senior finance position at facebook. he's been replaced as cfo. the company expects an adjusted earnings at two or 3¢ per share. >>t vo is an atm tebow zone. the company is donning a dollar to its like on the 10th tee bo facebook pays for the tim t. ball foundation. >> the recall was prompted by problems with the vehicles' steering shaft. an electric power pump. the vehicles
Nov 14, 2012 5:00am EST
was 3today... nearly 8- hundred-million facebook shares are expected to hit the . market.that's ecause it's the day employees and investors get a chance to sell. faaebook's initial ppblic offerrng... back in may... included a "llckup" agreement... which restricts some shareholders from selling for a certain peeiod of time. boost stock ppice... bb keeping stock supply scarce. but it hasn't worked. facebook shares have ost nearly half their value since debutinggat mitt romney has been losing facebook friends by the thousands... ever since losing the election.the "washingtoo post" repootssthat fans have been "unliking" rrmney's officiil page since thh results came out last week.ass of monday... hh's been losinn an average of 11 likes every minute.the good news is... rooney still hhs more than 12- million facebook fans and 1-point-- million folllwers on twitter. coming up on the eaaly edition... a cancer survivor gets inspired... by his prognos. prognosis.theeunique messaging service he's launched. 3 ((break 1)) 3 could coffee... eventually a new report... arabica coffee could be extinct
Nov 30, 2012 9:00am EST
. >>> facebook unlikes zynga. zynga shares are plummeting this morning on the news. >>> never an ego boost for the ceo when the stock falls on the news that he's keeping his job. that's exactly what's happening with groupon as the board keeps andrew mason. >>> the president heading to a pennsylvania factory this morning. republicans have given a thumbs down to the president's plan which includes a $1.6 trillion tax increase, 50 billion in infrastructure spending for next year and limited entitlements cuts. more companies issue special dividends. whole foods will pay $2 a share. kbw yesterday. what's more interesting to you, jim? the cliff discussion and madness or the notion that these companies said we were not managing our balance sheet in the most efficient way. >> i'm a huge fan of whole foods. been recommending them on "mad money" for many, many years. they have the best management. they also have a lot of cash. >> too much? >> they have double the number of stores in america. i would think they need every penny. they do have a tremendous cash flow. costco, tremendous cash flow. this
Nov 22, 2012 10:00am EST
by a look at the life of teenagers in the white house. then the evolution of facebook as told by the facebook engineer who created the "like" button, newsfeed, and timeline. >> and you change this army so it becomes a volunteer army, code finder soldiers in the labor market. go find them in the villages and towns in america. we did that. we created a splendid force of young men and women who are willing to serve their country as volunteers. the had the same tradition, the same culture, the same loyalty and dedication as any other generation of americans have ever gone before them. they proved themselves in the gulf war and the panama bay. they proved themselves in the last 10 years in iraq and afghanistan. we have to keep in mind something that president lincoln said, to care. never forget that they are carrying the american spirit. they are carrying the american traditions with them. when they get injured, when they get hurt, or when they come back to be reintegrated into society, we have to be ready to care for them. not just the federal governments, their fellow citizens. >
Nov 26, 2012 5:00pm EST
names? you have facebook, yahoo all getting upgrades. should you be buying to the rebound. grasso, goldman sachs is saying conviction for yahoo. >> yahoo i agree with. for me facebook was a buying opportunity based on technicals. yahoo is in an improve me stage. 19 is real resistance. marissa may erwhen she came back six hours after having a baby she came back. to me that was -- >> i'm looking for paternity leave these days. >> you have to go to norway for that one. >> it is a tremendous story. they are investing. they are buying more opportunities. they still have competition but the stock is really proving itself but it is at a make or break section right here. it has to cross over $19.50 just to be precise. >> and for facebook it is trying to grind its way back to $38. it is a long way below that. any love. >> this is definitely one where you are getting more data to look at the comps score data up 6.4 on mobile. the mobile revs btig, burn stein, these guys are saying the trajectory on the revenue line is what is doing it. this is the story of an unloved stock where people are
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
traders have answers. big lockup expiration brings a day of reckoning for facebook. telling you what to watch for. howard schultz gives us the details on the company's deal. it is another first on fast interview. stick around. looking for a better place to put your cash? here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms, all over the world. free checkwriting and mobile deposits. now depositing a check is as easy as taking a picture. free online bill payments. a highly acclaimed credit card with 2% cash back into your fidelity account. open a fidelity cash management account today and discover another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. >>> facebook shares jumping despite the wave of stock hitting the market. if you were watching "fast money" last night you would have gotten pretty good advice. >> i think selling you see tomorrow is likely to buy more from a technical setup because of all of the pressure that they have had. >> the cost to borrow has decreased. it is a technical se
FOX Business
Nov 27, 2012 8:00pm EST
. the problem is, that not a guy names grover. neil: if you want privacy on facebook, zuck said you are out of luck, zuckerberg is to profit selling your personal information to third party vendors it has lawyers lining up. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ me announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 c250 for $349 a month your local mercedes-benz dealer. and waiting in line. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to e post office ymore. [ male announcer ] with, you can print real u.s. postage for all your letters and packages. it gives you the exact amount of postage you need the instant you need it. can you print only stamps? no. first class. priority mail. certified. international. and the mailman picks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male annouer ] get a 4-week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never to the post office again. neil: president obama with anothe
Nov 20, 2012 12:00am PST
with a facebook account go through their ligs of frie list of friends and deleted anyone who is not a friend. nud was a huge success. as of today, can i get a drum roll please? the total number of facebook friends is down to 230 billion people. so we win again. those who did participate really seemed to have enjoyed it. you get the same feel wheg you organize your closet, you feel as fresh and clean as howie mandel's hands. some people got into nud. a librarian from kansas city, actually threw a national unfriend party from the library and sent this picture of her nud party. you can see it was a raver. the only people who showed up was this kid. alicia said, and i quote, attendance was not what we hoped. but i would argue that that is the point of national unfriend day, it's not about socializing, it's about anti-socializing, the fewer people at the party the better. that's what nud is all about, in a way alicia had the most successful nud party of all time and probably the only nud party of all time. i thank her for her service. we all do. [ applause ] thank you. leading up to national unfriend
Nov 14, 2012 12:00am EST
it takes no effort at all. send one of the stupid video e-mails. post a quick message on facebook. i got an e-mail asking me to go to a website to enter my birthday so the site can send my friend a reminder of when my birthday is. at that point i decided to skip the middleman and wish myself a happy birthday, everyone! [ cheers and applause ] tonight, it was a dreaded double elimination night on "dancing with the stars." you know every year before the season begins i make a good sized wager on one of the contestants. i predicthe winner. i had a lot of success with it. i earned the title, nostradancemus. and i selecte a handsome dancer, named gilles marini, $1,000, for him to win. $5,000 i would win if he won. happy with his performance. gilles last night, 29 and 29.5 out of possible 30. yet when it was team to send the stars home tonight, those eliminated were, kirstie alley who did honestly deser off to l. she didn't dance well. and gilles marini. very nice. they ruined my birthday. thank you, abc. both eliminees will be here. and restitution will be made. and financially. maybe they wi
Nov 26, 2012 1:00pm EST
. >>> two tech behemoth, facebook and apple are teaming up now. julia boorstin has all the just-released details. >>> and from black friday to cyber monday, look at those -- well, people. we will recap the retail landscape as the holiday shopping eenz begins in earningest this weekend. >>> first, let's go to the nyse where sue herera is standing by. >> the markets improving a little bit right now. well off of our worst levels of the trading session. still in the red, however. the markets right now show the dow jones industrial average off 71 points onts trading day. the s&p 500 is down about 6 3/4. nasdaq composite down better than 1 1/2 points. >>> meantime our top story, that change of leadership at securities and exchange commission. mary shapiro is stepping down as head of the s.e.c. and president obama is designating commission member elise walter as her replacement. eamon javers is in washington with the details. >> reporter: this is a bit of a surprise announcement. a lot of other names had been speculated over the past couple of days here on who might succeed mary shapir
Nov 4, 2012 6:00am EST
a face-lift. >> beautiful. >> no, not that kind of face-lift, we're talking about facebook because dan nathan says it's going higher and he's got an option trade that can make six times your money in one month. you'll like it. >>> why are all those option traders registering their assigned calls. scott nations breaks it down. the action begins right now. from the nasdaq marketsite in the heart of times square, i'm melissa lee joined by our traders, three people with no gas. we'll get to those trades in a moment. the dow closing on the lows of the session despite a strong jobs report, one stock that america is watching right now and that is apple. the tech giant flirting with bear market territory closing just off its lows losing just under 20 points as the ipad mini debuts with a lackluster reception. are apple's best days behind it or perhaps a buying opportunity. let's get in the money and find out. dan, you know this name very well. what's your sense of the price action of the stock because it's not just, of course, today. it was yesterday when technology rallied so strongly, apple
Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm PST
to file charges. >> facebook doling out millions to appease neighboring city concerns about increased traffic with the expansion of its campus. number of employees expected to triple from 2500. abc 7 news is live in menlo park tonight. david? >> facebook sitting on estimated $11 billion dollars so sharing some might be part of the cost of doing traffic this, story developed by our media partner california watch, a nonprofit project of the center for investigative journalism. face booxbook indicated by expanding the campus, adding 6600 employees traffic would increase by 15,000 trips per day that. doesn't sit well with neighboring cities with potential for litigation, facebook agreed to pay them to mitigate impact. east pal yes alto receiving $650,000 from facebook. a half million for traffic construction along university avenue. $150,000 towards bike paths.. >> things like loops so bicycles can make turns at intersections will be doing improvements for pedestrian safety. those are the thing that's really help and $150,000 will go a long way. >> another $150,000 will go towards develop
Nov 26, 2012 4:00pm PST
and facebook, you can contact michael on or twitter. >> taking a look outside at 4:08 on monday, traffic in the skyway in san francisco. if you're heading down to the peninsula, 101 south on righthand side you're looking good now f you're heading over the bay bridge, a lot of traffic. that is eastbound lanes on lefthand side of the screen >>> new numbers out show more children are end ending up in emergency rooms. some injuries result from dramatic mishaps and many others happen when children bump into each other inside of the inflatable play houses. researchers found the number of er visits rose from 702 to 11,000 in 2010. the most common injuries were sprains and broken bones. some children suffered more serious one autos they did see that 7% of the children had concussions. we worry about in particular, in young children. >> part of the increase might be attributable to the growing use of bouncy houses and also, betser record keeping by hospitals. >> late this afternoon, authorities should down+ jéhe nation's largest organic peanut butter producer finding contamination in a
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am PST
. cisco is one of the dow stocks. facebook shares are now down. there is a lock up. and 777 million shares. things are currently at 1.3 million shares. the financial companyzynga is joining facebook. we actually had a drop retail sales in the month of october by 0.3%. >>president obama will make his first comment about the federal investigation involving the former cia agent. lawmakers are going through the mails to see if anything was threaten national security. he was having an affair with his best-she sent harassing e- mail us at officials stated that this woman jill in turn traded these e-mail's with general john allen. this may be a another inappropriate relationship. >>it is now 6 05 a.m. and will be right back. >>let's take a live look at our roof tam. there're high clouds here overlooking ed a very nice day. ;x >>at live look at walnut creek. traffic is moving smoke. temperatures are at 47 degrees currently and we are looking for 66 degrees. it will be at high of 71 degrees around 2:00 p.m.. it will fall back down to the upper 50s as we head into the evening. we do have rain coming
Nov 8, 2012 10:30pm PST
that facebook comes at it with. so i wanted to share -- >> [inaudible] >> no. there's a slide before this. okay. this is one slide. it says "we have 950 million people on the flat form. that's a lot of people. >> >> and for the most part people are good. sometimes people are not good. we have ways people r people can report content to us that is inappropriate, but we have since invested a lot of time and energy on things like social resolutions. how do you create a culture where people can report problems to each other? which i will talk about in a second, so cue up the next slide. >> dave, can i interrupt for a second? one of the things that i noticed they think is really important for people in the school space and probably law enforcement to remember is that social media platforms whatever it is and you name it -- what? a million apps for the mobile platform alone. those are not the context of bullying. school life, school, peer life, peer relations. that's the concept of bullying whether it's bullying or cyber bullying and this blame the new thing that's come along because we
Nov 10, 2012 10:30pm PST
with facebook and explain the app. >> it's a great program and kids and adults can take a pledge and stop bullying so we can all make a difference. >> we're going to lead the way but we're challenging every governor in every state to do their part and for every citizen to step up. stop bullying. speak up. >> stop bullying. >> speak up. >> stop bullying. speak up. >> stop the video. [applause] so we have the honor of working with a stellar group of advisers from the academic side, from community based organizations, amazing partners across the time warner family of brands and my partner at facebook and as bullying is unfortunately a global problem we're beginning to expand our u.s. reach. this past spring we launched in south america and in brazil. all of our materials for the educators and the community based organizations in the room, all of the education rights have been cleared. everything on the website and long form and print material, everything can be downloadd and it's yours and free. use it for workshops. use it for curriculum. use it as ways to start an assembly. can you
Nov 12, 2012 5:30am EST
-481-4545 to claimmyour p! prize!wanttto get your name in theebox?go to facebook dot com slass foxbaltimore anddclick on "contests" to ill out the form and read the official rules. 3 &p 33 33 bbfore the flammsswere even promised they ners ,3 would rebuill. and now a full 3 year later, mount washington 3 tavern is open again. again. . joel d. smith is agn washinnton yearr aaer, mount and now a full would rrbuild. promissd they fames were even 3 3 3 3 3 before the flames were even out.... the owners promised they would rebuild.. and now a full year later,,mount washington tavern is open aggin. again. . joel d. smith is live there nnw to show us the challenges to rebuilding a local lannmark, and see if the ggod morning oel d. d. 3 3 this morning... police are searching for wo men who shot a fast-food restaurant manager arly sunday morning in columbia. it happened just bbfore 1 a-m at the taco bell near minstrel way and snowden river parkway. the managgr was ccnfronted by two en outside the tore.they flownnto shock trauma where he's listed n critical conditiin. police don't know th
Nov 12, 2012 11:00am PST
it will do for their lives. >>> and facebook is making the bay area one of the richest cities. we will show you what is behind the cash infusion. >>> plus, put down that burger. you may be shunned in one california city. >>> and a live look outside spanning over the south bay. that is san jose. christina loren will tell you about the crisp day outside. the news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i' i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. union city police investigating a bizary hiizarre death. a young man stuffed in a trash can. we have bob redell with more. >> reporter: good morning, jon. we know the lady who lives in the home behind me on tenth street made the discovery sunday morning at 11:00. as she took out the trash, she noticed a bin that wasn't hers. she found a man slouched, feet at the bottom and head at the top. she recognized him at 21-year-old joshua perez. a family friend whom she watched grow up as a kid and sometimes stayed at her house. she and other family members tried to wake him. he was unresponsive, but still alive, but arrived at the h
Nov 27, 2012 11:00am PST
better makes a big mistake on facebook. we will take a look coming up. >>> and fear the beard. it may take on a new meaning next season. brian wilson may be on the move. we will explain coming up. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] you get reliable, high speed internet on our advanced digital network. choose from speeds up to 24 megs. [ female announcer ] and with u-verse tv you can record four shows at once on your total home dvr and play them back in any room. [ male announcer ] so call now. u-verse triple-pl
Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm PST
eventually right? >>> still ahead how losing an election and your facebook page go hand in hand and it's not all that friendly. >> and they claim sipping this will help you lose weight. it's pepsi's new healthy soda. the real deal? we'll tell you when we come back. opening low this morning amd concern over greec >>> the big board was rebounding after an opening low the morning amid concerns over greece, european leaders postponed $40 billion to the country and it desperately needs that. the dow dipped back though in the negative territory just moments ago. it is down 16 points and heading south as we speak. >>> if you're still dieing to get your hands on facebook stock; you will get another chance tomorrow. hundreds of millions of facebook shares could hit the market wednesday. that's when early investors and employees will get a chance to sell those shares that were part of the lockup that restricted their sale for a certain period of time following the initial offering. the lockups are meant to help boost stock price by keeping stock supply scarce. really hasn't worked though. facebo
Nov 21, 2012 9:00am PST
]. >> that is [ bleep ] amazing. >> just amazing. >> we think it's real, but what about you guys? head to our facebook page, and let us know real or fake. >>> i must issue a warning with this video. major cuteness alert. >> oh. >> i give you major chinchilla cuteness. >> are they in slippers? >> they are in slippers. as in the slipper. he's like, you know what, i don't think this is good enough. i want to go and get in with you. >> this is so darn cute, you are so right. this is the stuff you see like in cartoons. this is great. >> or the type of thing that you see in the calendars you buy around this time of year. >> yeah. >> you're looking at boba and tea. >> and watch, it's like i see you, look at me, look at me, look at me. oh, and then a kiss. >> have you ever pet one? >> oh, yeah. >> they're so soft. >> to find out the rest of their story, we have scott yi via skype to talk about it because he wants people to know the wonder of having a chinchilla as a pet. >> well, actually -- >> oh, are you kidding me? >> there's another one. hi, guys. >> chinchillas have a lot of
Nov 26, 2012 11:00pm PST
surveillance video and after his finger prints were found on the demand note. >>> coming up tonight, facebook speaks out about a hoax spread across the site, why you don't need to worry about your pictures. plus look at this. volcanic video, hawaii heats up. >> coming up, basketball on a monday night, san jose state on national television, harbaugh, and what type of penalty if you kick someone in the groin will you receive? the nfl will tell you. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. you can stay in and share something... ♪ ♪ ...or you can get
Nov 8, 2012 10:00pm PST
of a parent's guide to facebook and myspace unraveled and social networking. she served on president obama technology working group and delivered its group to congress and youth safety on the internet and you can read her plug. how's that for a plug? >> thank you very much. our parents guide is free and can be distributed at schools or parent nights or whatever, so we're happy to make them available to you at connect safety .org so a little bit more of the big picture. this is amazing panel of people who have resources and campaigns that can support and reinforce your fine work. so i am glad you stayedand we learned about bullying and preventions and solutions and just to reinforce getting the accurate picture bullying is a serious problem but it's not an epidemic. it's not on the rise. daift finkelhorn and director of the research center university of new hampshire and reviewed studies and bullying among youth is actually down in recent years. his colleague have actually stopped using the term of "bullying" and refer to peer aggression and i can go into definitions but i won't bore
Nov 21, 2012 10:30pm PST
emotional learning. alice con is from cartoon network. dave steer to her right is from facebook and next to him is officer holly lawrence, sunny valley of public safety, digital safety program and she's going to talk about which is a powerful thing going national. and next -- is brian here? no. okay. all right. so we're all set and mia i would like you to enlighten us more in all that you're doing in social emotional learning. >> sure. i had some slides but i'm not sure -- no, we have a handout that went around to you and more detail about what social emotional learning is because i think we rise a little bit today and i came from seattle and i know many people have brought up that term today and i get the sense from this group that you're at kind of a high level of discourse and you have a general understanding. could i see a show of hands for those of you that social emotional learning is a familiar term? and those that feel you have a deep understanding of it? okay. great. thank you. i want to introduce myself a little more so you have the context of what i do. i work for a n
Nov 13, 2012 9:00am EST
your name in the box?go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimorr and click on contests" to fill out the rules. 3 3 3 3 another massive water main bbeak brings baltiiooe to a halt yet aggin.this time... at east madison streettnear guilford avenue. broke during yesterday's mmrning commute.... and is still backing up traffic at this hour.tom rodgers has more on what aaong wwth your other top stori. phe area issstill blockee off &pall traffic as crews work to repair the 300inch lineethat broke 17-feet below the surfacc.despite it's depth... when it buuted... the water came shooting can see from this video... t was really just gushing out from everyycrevice.turning this another ection of the city comes tooa standstiil. (man in jean jacket)"iis juss theepipes are so oll"(1st man)man for real... if you ask me it looks llke the harbor.. laugh""we dont haae any water pressure in the building right now" this morning... neerby residentt and busineses still have little or no water flowinn through their pipes. there's no worddon how long this ne will take to fix. pees than tw
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